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The Second Annual

Liz Smith Reading Series

Celebrating Women’s History Month

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Tuesdays at 2pm

March 5th-April 2nd.

at the Cherry Lane Theatre 38 Commerce Street

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by Conchi  León

translated and adapted by Pennell Somsen

directed by Valentina Fratti  

Merida, Mexico, is known as the “City of Peace,” but locked away in the town prison are some vibrant women that no one hears.... Except for playwright Conchi León. Taken from the testimonials of women behind bars, INSIDE opens your eyes and hearts to the unrepresented and forgotten victims of what is known in Latin America, as micro machismo. 

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MARCH 12th


by Alexandra Neil

directed Maria Mileaf

2009, a year after the financial crisis, a journalist, a hedge fund manager, his striver wife, their mermaid-waif daughter, a rock star, echoes of ravenous paparazzi, and the butler, keeper of secrets — are trapped in a glass house during a hurricane on the exclusive island of Moucheron. Can you buy your way out of failure? Can you fly your way out of grief?


MARCH 19th


by Emily Bohannon

directed by Valentina Fratti

When her boss outsources her job to the Philippines, Keira must train Efren, the Filipino man who's replacing her. As she searches for answers about the legitimacy of her replacement, she's forced to confront questions of her own value.


MARCH 26th


by Kara Lee Corthron

directed Elena Araoz

Value. A definition: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Have you ever thought about your value? Follow a ragtag group of friends/lovers/slaves/slavers as they grapple with the meaning of human value through 800 years of people owning other people.




by Leslie Ayvazian

directed by Martha Banta


In the 1960’s and 70’s, Leslie Ayvazian chose not to align herself with the women’s movement and there were consequences. MENTION MY BEAUTY is a funny, poignant, revelatory autobiographical story, that looks at where Ayvazian’s attentions were during a time of rebellion, action and indignation.

Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce Street

All readings begin at 2pm sharp.

Readings are free to the public.

Please do not contact the Cherry Lane Theatre directly





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